VIC Job Announcement - Reposted in March 2014

VIC is looking for a permanent full time (or possibly part time) software engineer to manage all (non-investment related) aspects of the website.  We are looking for a software engineer to upgrade the site, to add new features to enhance the Member and Guest experience, and to continually monitor VIC to keep it compliant with new software releases and improvements.  In addition to the technical skills, we would like for candidates to have an interest in understanding the interests of the Membership, to serve as a webmaster, to regularly answer user questions and to automate processes where possible.  Our goal is to find someone who can continuously improve the utility of the site.

Core Skills:  Visual Studio 2010+, SQL Server 2008+, C# 4+, ASP.NET MVC, JQuery/JQuery UI, IIS/HTML/CSS/Javascript

Useful skills:  Knowledge of various browser quirks and testing tools (Firebug, etc), familiarity with Windows Services/Batch scripts and general Windows Server administration, SVN management, Mobile Web development experience, Knowledge of other web frameworks (SignalR, knockout, etc)

 To apply: The ideal candidate will have 5+ years of core skills experience, an interest in the subject matter that and be based in NY.  Compensation will be competitive, to apply please send an email with a cover letter explaining how your skills and interest in the subject intersect with the needs of the site as well as a resume to  

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