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212%... that is the average return of our last four long ideas written up on VIC… However, if you are looking for the next 3-bagger; we’re sorry… the cricks run dry. That said, if you are looking to compound value steadily under a variety of economic scenarios, then you may be interested in this idea.

AMH is a REIT, which owns single-family rental properties.  Their business model is simple. They collect rent on their properties, pay expenses on those properties (property tax, HOA fees, repairs/maintenance, insurance, etc), and generate income on the spread between the rental income and the expenses. At a very high level, AMH buys (or builds) a property at a 10% rental yield (rent / value), incurs ~4% in property expenses, and generates a net 6% yield on their book.

You are probably thinking “6% yield… pretty boring!” WE KNOW… we warned you! However, what we like about AMH is that we think it works across multiple scenarios, and that 6% grows with scale and compounds over time, making it a lot more attractive than it appears on the surface.

Industry Dynamics

·         Demand is robust… according to the CEO at a recent conference “I have not seen demand for single-family rentals as strong as you see it today”

·         Demographics are favorable… the sweet spot for AMH is the 35-44 year old age bracket, which will increase by 4-5mm people in the next 8 years, providing a nice tailwind for demand

·         Interest rates don’t matter… again to quote the CEO “Rising interest rates are good. Stable interest rates are good. So pretty much any scenario, we are seeing pretty strong demand…”

·         Psychology / sentiment is very supportive… According to a Freddie Mac survey, the number of prospective renters that would consider single-family rentals increased by over 30% from 2016 to 2017… more awareness / acceptance of this asset class should continue to help demand.

·         Supply remains low… low housing inventory generally, and single-family starts that are still slow to recover from the crisis

·         The math of renting v owning makes sense… and has just gotten a lot more attractive with the recent tax law changes

·         Single-family rental REITs have a tremendous amount of financial flexibility… The rent they receive get resets annually for each property, and every day they have a stream of properties that are renewing/rolling over, making them much more defensive than most other RE plays

AMH Specific Considerations

·         AMH is a scale player in this market, owning over 50,000 properties in over 20 US states

·         Their strategy is simple… utilizing the cash flow they generate to continue to buy and build properties and continue to gain scale (and improve returns)… execution risk is low

·         They are internally managed, meaning that they manage the properties themselves, and can continue to increase efficiency in their management function… they have a proven track record

·         They run with conservative leverage with net debt to market capital cap in the sub 30% range

·         The mgmt. team is highly aligned w/ shareholders, being the largest shareholder in the company

In our opinion, all of these things add up to a company that is a leader in an attractive industry, with a simple focus, and an aligned management team, that will compound value at a low double-digit rate pretty steadily for the foreseeable future.


Boring? Perhaps… Useful? Definitely


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