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2016 2017
Price: 10.06 EPS 0.71 0.87
Shares Out. (in M): 49 P/E 14.2 11.5
Market Cap (in $M): 492 P/FCF 13.5 11.1
Net Debt (in $M): 224 EBIT 76 86
TEV ($): 716 TEV/EBIT 9.5 8.4

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PGT Industries (PGTI) is an attractive cycle play on the Florida housing market, is far and away the cheapest building products biz in the market, and has ~50% upside over the next 6 – 12 months.  Since PGTI’s recent August 2015 highs, the market has penalized the stock down from $16 to $9 – 10 / share given increased uncertainty around the duration and magnitude of the Florida housing cycle.  The market believes demand is tapering whereas I believe PGTI has >3-years of runway ahead to get back to “normalized” historical levels + PGTI is opportunistically growing inorganically through accretive acquisitions that effectively give PGTI a dominant position within all of Florida (over the past couple years through two acquisitions, PGTI has effectively diversified away from being highly reliant on Southern Florida). 


MARKET VIEW: FL housing market is stalling given: (1) interest rate concerns, (2) foreign buyer concerns (i.e. currency moves are damaging foreign buyer interest) and (3) perception that the FL housing "recovery" is over  (i.e. 2010 - 2015 was the recovery); MY VIEW: FL housing still has 3 - 4 years of "recovery" ahead given single family units are still ~50% below "normalized" historical levels (~65k units versus normalized of ~100k) and housing affordability is still attractive providing a significant demand tailwinds for the business.  More notably, housing starts in FL are currently still 2-standard deviations below 1980 – 2003 average levels (i.e. excludes the most recent boom/bust).    


Divergence: As context, for the past ~2-years, PGTI stock has treaded water (~$8 – 9 / share in mid-2014 and currently ~$10 / share).  In the meantime, (1) PGTI has made two accretive acquisitions that effectively give PGTI dominant market positioning in FL (~$210MM in size / ~40% of the TEV) and (2) there is increased evidence of the housing recovery. 


PGTI is a $500MM market cap business with a largely reactive sell-side base.  The buy-side appears to be pricing in an “okay” 2016E and then petering out.  On 2016E figures, my estimates are ~11% above on EBIT and ~18% on EPS.  An interesting way to back into “what’s priced in” is the following exercise: assume NO growth in housing starts in the out years (i.e. ~65k housing starts / ~2 standard deviation level below average historical but let’s assume this persists) – this would suggest PGTI trades at a ~10% FCF yield on 2018E metrics.  This analysis suggests the market is not pricing in much additional new construction growth


Evidence supporting divergence: (1) FL single family units are still 2-standard deviations below 1980 – 2003 average historical levels - this equals a >55% increase to get back to normal; (2) Relative to the US at large, FL housing (a) witnessed a painful drawdown (87% fall-off from peak to trough … versus US average at 67%) and (b) still furthest away from "normalized" (~55% upside to normal versus US average at sub-40%) = this provides more runway to revert back to normal; (3) While there are valid concerns (foreign buyers / FX squeeze + interest rate risk), FL single family permit activity is a good leading indicator and continues to flash green (~20% YTD through February 2016); (4) Affordability analysis below highlights rates are a risk, BUT still far from being a pressing risk


Valuation / New Reality: As the market grows more comfortable with the duration and magnitude of the housing recovery (10%+ organic growth), a premium multiple will be placed on PGTI.  Currently, PGTI trades for less than 10x PE, >10% FCF yield and ~6.5x EBITDA-capex on 18E estimates (a more "normal" environment). 


BASE CASE: Applying a more reasonable multiple of 14x PE to normalized gets to a >$15 / share FV, and implies a ~7 - 8% FCF yield and ~9x EBITDA-capex.  This scenario assumes a 4-year recovery to normalized (100k units) so uses a slightly-below normal earnings power estimate given 2018E as the valuation point  


UPSIDE CASE: Assume a 3-year recovery to normalized (~120k units) and apply a 14x PE multiple = $20 / share


DOWNSIDE CASE: Assume an overly-punitive scenario in which FL housing remains at 65k starts (i.e. 2-standard deviation levels below normalized) and apply a 10x PE multiple = $8.25 / share.  Assuming a slightly less punitive multiple of 12x PE would generate a ~$10 / share FV



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Better results than expected (or simply less bad than feared), additional accretive capital allocation (share buybacks), improved visibility on FL repair and remodel and housing starts

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