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...ssive.  I would note that the recent Cox, CMCSA, CHTR, SKY signings offer more confidence around this assumption – dropping DISCA does little to solve MVPD’s programming cost/sub dynamic.
...h wins at Comcast (NASDAQ:CMCSA), Charter (NASDAQ:CHTR), and other large OEMs.
...s in the U.S., you’ve seen cable companies like CHTR have their share prices re-rate as the market gained comfort with how declining video subs actually led to an improvement in profitability and earnings and how fixed wireless 5G was less of a real risk to the business model....ou will see a rerating similar to what you saw in CHTR for at least the Puerto Rico and Chile businesses.
...tstanding, a 38% reduction. Is this the next NVR, CHTR, or AZO? Is Henry Singleton-san reincarnated as the CEO of FS? Probably not, but they repurchased shares in FY09, 10, 12, 13, 15, 16, and 17 spending a total of Y955m.
...y but on a pro forma basis 90% of the asset value CHTR, 7% is GCI, and 3% is'd be down to a pure cable company that is 93% CHTR stock and 7% GCI (a cable company) that arguably CHTR would want to buy anyway at the right price (lower growth than core CHTR but significant syneriges for them in doing the deal - rate card reductions on programming, and large G&A and capex synergies (GCI has like $350mm in G&A).
...ratio).  Any views on the deal (a step closer to CHTR merger?) and why the discount has widened? Given it is an asset-backed company (not
...LBRDK 10-Q.  It will show you how many shares of CHTR that LBRDK owns.... out and you will get the value of their stake in CHTR.
...s likely to end up doing more than $30m EBITDA.  CHTR has apparently been very aggressive with short-term discounts in Lincoln, I think likely as a deterrent for Allo to enter new markets.
...was pretty high given the performance of TREE and CHTR.