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...nning in ‘24.  Moreover, TMUS is somewhat like CHTR was a handful of years ago in the sense that it will soon be embarking on a massive capital return program of ~70pct+ of the free float (~$60bn+ buyback).
... greedy is an understatement - especially because CHTR has massively lagged the SPY since the CHTR/TWC deal close and a huge reason is his formulaic policy of buybacks turned him into a momentum only marginally above the 2016 options. And if CHTR just performs in-line with SPY over next 5 to 10 years, Winfrey will more than offset any of the $300 million mark to market loss on his original options....tually be. That - plus the RDOF- should mean that CHTR EBITDA should definitely  grow faster through ‘26 than Comcast who has said that they can take up speeds without the same level of capital as CHTR is indicating....d. So maybe the charitable interpretation is that CHTR is sending them a signal and sending a signal to all others that they can take more short term pain investment)  than those guys thought.
...titive and cheaper than main competitor CMCSA and CHTR.
...sets they retained are worse?  "competing versus chtr/cmcsa - they are up against a couple of players with scaled MVNO offerings.
...pike, I think the bigger concerns are at LBRDA.  CHTR's gotten hammered and the market now apparently believes cable is fine if they're not, as repurchases by both CHTR and LBRDA are that much more accretive.... Except that LBRDA is running out of basis on its CHTR shares and will soon have signifcant taxes due on its (mandatory) sales back to CHTR....s (mandatory) sales back to CHTR.  Making CHTR's repurchase program much less beneficial for LBRDA.
.... At ~7x EBITDA---the question now is whether the CHTR has superior infrastructure to maintain and grow its broadband business over the long-term--who can be sure? but two-five years from now--that seems to be the key question (very different than stock at $700 and everyone confident)....ld see some large scale consolidation. if you are CHTR Board/Malone/Newhouse--and you have visibiity into strong free cash flow for the next three years--but you cannot with a high degree of probability rule out that FWA/is a bigger structural threat than previously anticipated---or the market is going to be more competititive--what can you do to diversify the business or position hedge it? Maybe Rutledge and the Board did not agree on the severity of threat.
...verage that's no small issue. i think clearly, if CHTR can continue growing EBITDA 3-5% with no reset and continued buybacks the stock has to be a winner....
...tion, and (iii) minimal existing video revenue.  CHTR situation seems a lot different to me, but again, I just spent a few minutes refreshing on it over the weekend and didn't really like what I saw. you know this from Cabo--but I don't think any CHTR bulls are focused on linear video.
...nable--cable/telecom. Lowell McAdam wanted to buy CHTR--maybe we start talking about that again.
...At least one thing CHTR has in its favor is its debt repayment schedule. It has done an excellent job
...he weakness remains 1-fiber overbuild overhang; 2-CHTR specific network structure (coax v.
...ers (Frontier, Charter & Greenlight). Both FYBR & CHTR have poor customer service records historically which gives Greenlight a leg up w good customer service & lower prices....hced to Greenlight got better service & saved vs. CHTR & FYBR.