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...on RDOF.  I understand that RDOF will be used by CHTR and other broadband companies to edge out to rural areas and that may benefit DY.
...tures) that post combination mostly held Charter (CHTR) and (LBRDA) shares.... LBRDA is an attractive way to create exposure to CHTR at a discount....o create exposure to CHTR at a discount.  CHTR’s relative value isn’t that important for our discussion here, except to say that if you hate CHTR and think they’re going bankrupt, then you wouldn’t want to buy this asset....t is that phn19 is right to assume at some point, CHTR will look to collapse LBRDA into itself and LBRDP would turn into a perpetual preferred of CHTR....mproved from 30% to 11% given the large amount of CHTR shares LBRDA to price this – 1) off treasuries or 2) vs. CHTR.... assumption of an ultimate collapse of LBRDA into CHTR is correct, we should also look at this yield vs CHTR’s longer duration bonds....on aside, it has fluctuated from 100-200bps above CHTR’s 5.
...ers. I also had a few regrets selling my Charter (CHTR) position lower, but that’s a different story.
THREAD to put it on again. SIRI was a homerun, as was CHTR.
3/02/21 it will be a particularly strong headwind for CHTR or ATUS, because it will a) be gradual and b) they are pricing single play to capture a portion of the delta (in addition to some of the CapEx and cost-side benefits of exiting video)....OW wins. We haven't really seen it yet (vis a vie CHTR and Comcast).
...s on capex efficiency and TV profit headwinds for CHTR vs WOW (I sitll think CHTR video is contributing to FCF vs zero contribution at WOW)....ed.  The vast majority of all future capex for CHTR and WOW will be spent on things that scale with usage more than homes passed.
...wind will actually be that meaningful for ATUS or CHTR....because it still has a big pool). While ATUS and CHTR have profitable back-books, they are all clearly pricing standalone HSD (unbundled from TV) at a level that compensates for much of that profit.
... are. ATUS trades at 9.5x forward EV/EBITDA while CHTR and CMCSA trade at actually more comparable to CABO than to CMCS, CHTR, or ATUS.
...phn/jso, Are you surpised that CHTR/LBDRK could not reach a deal here now that we are at the cap? It seems it would have made sense for CHTR to essentially merge with LBRDK at a price for LBRDK that reflected a value between the pre-tax and post-tax value of LBDRK's CHTR shares. In effect, CHTR...x value of LBDRK's CHTR shares. In effect, CHTR would get to share in some of the tax savings they would be providing for Liberty.... Similarly, he had been implying that he believed CHTR management would enable Liberty's stake to go above the pre-determined limit....
... reasons that I am sceptical (I am massively long CHTR so I may not be fully objective) of Verizon's ability is because Verizon recently settled with NYC and agreed to bring fast speed broadband to 500,000 low income households in public housing projects in NYC.
... (using ATUS fiber to densify).  VZ tried to buy CHTR a couple years ago so they could own the plant and the offer was rejected by CHTR (even though they have been the only wireless company saying the FWB market is real - another lesson in "watching what they do, not what they say").
...stocks.  But that could be myopic. We have owned CHTR and decided to exit this year after digging into this threat.
...Kepler, I think that CHTR will generate $60 in fcf per share in 2021 (assuming zero taxes) and will grow to $160 per share in 2030 (fully taxed.)  This does not assume any
...use it's at nearly half the starting valuation of CHTR, and the leverage is higher....m that WOW is in the same league operationally as CHTR, and we would normally never consider touching something levered close to 6x, but in this particular case we think the HSD/TV trends are so predictable, and so powerful, and so long-lasting, that we actually want the levered exposure to them....that said...if you have a reasonable case for how CHTR can earn a similar or better IRR to what we've laid out here for WOW, we would be really interested in hearing it.
...ter.  Is the
...been miles ahead if they had just bought stock in CHTR.